☽ Relax, recharge & reconnect  ☾

The ultimate self care offerings. Nourishing soul care for pre and post pregnancy. A great way to recharge your body and mind whilst reconnecting to your soul. You will be supported and held and left feeling calm and rejuvenated. 

take a breath


This session combines both relaxing rebozo work & the healing power of reiki allowing you to unwind and take a breath from your busy life. Drift off into relaxation with the help of the rebozo, go deeper with the energy of reiki  & end with a chakra clearing.

  • Sessions are mobile, performed in the comfort of your own home & will last around 1 hour

  • This treatment combines the healing art of reiki & the relaxing rebozo leaving you feeling calm, refreshed & recharged 

  • Energy clearing with the use of crystals & ethically sourced palo santo

  • Use aromatherapy collection 

  • There are no contraindications so this session is safe during pregnancy

Postnatal recovery massage


As well as the birth of new life, so to has a new mother been born. This nurturing & loving massage really honours the journey you & your body have been on. This treatment is suitable for any woman, and will provide all with healing.

  • Sessions are mobile, performed in the comfort of your own home & will last between 1.5 to 2 hours 

  • Time to debrief your birthing experience (if you wish)

  • The treatment includes rocking & wrapping of your hips with a rebozo, followed by abdominal, chest & shoulder massage

  • Use of my aromatherapy collection 

  • Nurturing, healing postpartum massage

Distance / Reiki Healing


Allow your body & mind to be submerged into a relaxing reiki session. Using the grounding, healing power of reiki to aid you with any physical or emotional issues you may be facing or just to find a moment of peace in your busy life.

  • Sessions are mobile, performed in the comfort of your own home, lasting between 45 mins to 1 hour

  • A gentle way to relax & unwind

  • Reduces stress to promote healing

  • Clear any energy blockages, leaving you feeling balanced and grounded

  • Reduces stress to promote healing

  • Use of crystals to rebalance chakras

  • Reiki has no contraindications and is therefore safe during pregnancy

Optional extras:

  • Add a herbal bath tea bag to any of the above treatments to allow you to continue to relax long after the session is over. A blend of epsom salts, dried flowers and crystals will be mixed together and placed in a muslin bag, simply run yourself a lovely bath and allow the bag to sit in the water whilst running, this will dissolve the epsom salts and diffuse the beautiful fragrances into your bathroom. £5 per teabag.

Block booking:

  • Any of the relaxation sessions above can be booked into multiple blocks allowing you to benefit from this healing and nurturing treatments at a discounted rate. When you book four or more sessions you will receive a £5 discount per session. for example booking four reiki sessions will reduce the cost from £180 to £160, saving you £20. 

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