The ultimate self care offering.. Reiki is a great way to recharge your body and mind whilst reconnecting to your soul. You will be supported and held and left feeling calm and rejuvenated. 


Allow your body and mind to be submerged into a relaxing reiki session. Using the grounding, healing power of reiki to aid you with any energetic, physical or emotional issues you may be facing or just to find a moment of peace in your busy life.


Reiki is a beautiful and effective treatment. You will receive hands on healing (hands off if your prefer), where I will channel reiki energy to your body. I have been told by many people that I have magic hands. You will find a sense of peace and calm during and after this session. 

Sessions include aura cleansing with Palo Santo smudging sticks and chakra balancing using crystals. Sessions are ended with a beautiful spoken affirmation over each of your chakra points. 

what are the benefits of reiki?

There are many benefits to having a reiki session, this list outlines a few but there are many more.


  • ​A gentle way to relax & unwind

  • Reduces stress to promote healing

  • Clear any energy blockages, leaving you feeling balanced and grounded

  • Reduces stress to promote healing

  • There are no contraindications associated with reiki and it only works to aid our highest good. Therefore these sessions are safe for those who are pregnant.


  • £45 for 1 hour

  • Sessions are mobile, performed in the comfort of your own home

  • Typically sessions are carried out on a massage table but can be performed in a chair if this is more comfortable

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